Grow With Luxury Leather Guys

Grow with Luxury Leather Guys

Hey Everyone,

Thank you so much for you interest in being partnered with Luxury Leather Guys.

Some of you may have purchased products or maybe you have come on our show and heard us talk about our incentives program. 

Grow with Luxury Leather Guys is all about giving back to our luxury community.

There are many different incentive programs that we have here with Luxury Leather Guys but each will be completely separate from each other, but once compounded to potentially get some free goods.

Lets gets started shall we:

1: Purchasing Products:

This one is pretty easy and self-explanatory. For every $100 that you spend with us you get a $10 credit towards your next purchase. This is just an added extra little gift for you on top of all of the other gifts we usually give out to our clients after they make a purchase. Before purchasing sign up to get the rewards on your account here.

2: Consign with us

If you have any of your unwanted, unused, or maybe you have your appreciated pieces that you would like to make some cash on then here we are.  You can sell with us on consignment.  The process is very simple. You can contact us via email or you can send us a message right here on the website.  We take a certain percentage that is agreed upon and hold on to your items until they are sold.  Once they are sold then we will send the money for the product sold via your preferred payment method.

3: Affiliate Program

If you have a small or vast network of family, friends or fans then you can grow here with us this route.  If you become an affiliate, then we can send you a customized link that you can send out.  If and when someone clicks on that link and purchases one of our products then you get a certain percentage of that sale.  With that customized link it will be linked to your profile and you will have access to all of your metrics via the back end of the website. Find access to the backend here.  -Pretty Neat.

4: Affiliate Member Program

Very similar to our affiliate program but this one is based on getting new affiliates to join your ranks.  If you have any friends that you think can benefit from our Grow with Luxury Leather Guys program then sending them a link and having them sign up under you is a killer way to make some extra cash back.  So if and when your friends sign up under you and they sign other people up then you make a percentage off of that too. Get your program started here.