Entrupy Certificate of Authenticity

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See an item on our website that you love? Want to make sure that the item is 100% authentic. You may now purchase an Entrupy Certificate of Authenticity directly through us for any item you want to purchase. Simply just add the Entrupy Certificate of Authenticity option into your cart along with the item you wish to purchase. Once you check out we will send you the certificate with the item you purchased together in your order. 


•Please allow 24 hours for us to obtain the certificate of authenticity. If the item is purchased on a Friday after 5:30 then your item will be sent out on Monday if a certificate was purchased with it. 

•Each Entrupy certificate of authenticity will be traceable on their website at www.entrupy.com 

•This is only good for ONE item. If you are purchasing multiple items from us and wish to have certifications for all of them, then you must purchase an Entrupy certificate for each item. 

•This will help you when selling your item if you were to ever have any need or want to sell it in the future after buying it from us.